Treat Dispensing Jack


Treat Dispensing Pickle Pocket



Treat Dispensing Tetraflex

Treat Wheeler



Groovy Ball



        Treat Ball



         Fire Plug



        Bento Ball




         Chew Ball
















Interactive Treat





Starmark Clicker DeLuxe



PRO Training Clicker






       Easy Glider




        Foam Ball


        Far Flung






      Starmark products are invented by Triple Crown Dog Academy, which is one of the world's leading dog behavior and training centers, located in USA.

      All Starmark products are unique, both in terms of design, but particularly durability. We have particular through 3 years tested Treat Ball, without a single dog has been able to make a mark in them. Even the most destructive dogs were not able to destroy the material.

      We would argue that it is the strongest dog toys that have ever been on the market, while it employs the dog for hours.

      There are Starmark products in nearly all sizes and all types of employment, both in and outdoors.

      Starmark products prevent boredom and destructive behavior.

      "Send your dog to work" with the Starmark products, and makes natural dog tired, for the benefit of both the dog and its surroundings.

      Always choose a size of Starmark products, that are larger than the dog's mouth, for security reasons.


  •                All StarMark products comes in high quality packaging material.




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