• Bento Ball is made of the same material as the Fire Plug, and has the same opportunities as Fire Plug, Treat Ball and Fun Ball.
  • Material without thalater
  • Bento Ball is a combination of
  • Fun Ball and Treat Ball.
  • There is room for a special
  • designed treat, while still get normal treats out at the other end.
  • For the quite extreme "chewers", we recommend that you stop the dog's behavior.
  • Bento Ball has a surface with "buds" who is helping to
  • massage gums and clean teeth when the dog chews the material.
  • Bento Ball is available in three sizes.
  • Measurements
  • Small:
  • Diameter 63 mm Height 40 mm



  • Diameter 90 mm Height  60 mm
  • Large:
  • Diameter 104 mm Height  65 mm 




Bento Ball











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