Fire Plug is made of a soft puncture, resistant material without thalater.


Fire Plug unique design causes the dog to be constantly concentrated and focused.


Fire Plug prevent boredom and destructive behavior and keep the dog occupied for hours.


Fire Plug can be filled with treats or normal dog food. The ends can be inserted by special designed treats.                                                  

When Treats are eaten, there is better access to treats or food inside the Fire Plug. There are holes in the side from which the treats can get out by moving the Fire Plug, even when the Treats at the ends are not eaten.


Fire Plug doesn´t scratch and is not noisy on hard floors.


Fire Plug with its soft material cleans the dog's teeth.


Fire Plug is extremely durable, and is very suitable for all dogs, even the most destructive and toughest "chewers".


For the quite extreme "chewers", we recommend that you stop the dog's behavior.


Fire Plug can be cleaned in a Dishwasher.


Fire Plug is available in 3 sizes





Diameter 58 mm Height 67 mm



Diameter 85 mm Height 98 mm



Diameter 110  mm  Height 112 mm



Fire Plug










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